Training and goat shed building in Kododo village

While many of us are enjoying lazy summer days some places are experiencing plenty of activity. In Kododo village, one of the most remote areas in Mgeta, children and adults have eagerly prepared the arrival of a flock of dairy goats.

Kododo primary school is the third school to receive Norwegian dairy goats. Here in Kododo it is the pupils themselves who are responsible and have to make sure the goats receive enough food and proper care. In return the school gets access to free and nutritous milk. This can either be given directly to the pupils at the school or be sold off to local inhabitants. The profit from selling the goat milk is then used to buy important school materials.


Before they can receive the goats all pupils and teachers have to go through basic goat training. This time Mgetas foremost goat experts – the group of vulnerable youth – have been responsible for the training. After several years as goat farmers, as well as regular participation in trainings in the past, these teens are confident and good teachers with plenty of experience and knowledge to pass on to the pupils.


Then the goat shed has to be built. Both teachers and parents have participated actively in this, and together they have built one of the nicest goat sheds in Mgeta. Drawing on experience from other primary schools, where the goat flocks have out-grown the capacity of the goat shed, Kododo has built a large shed with four separate rooms. In this way they are able to separate the flock by both sex and age, and therefore will be more able to control mating and availability of milk, i.e. how much milk is to go to the goat kids and how much remain for the pupils.

Now that the goat shed is finished and with all the new knowledge at hand Kododo primary school are ready to welcome the flock of dairy goats. We wish them all the best of luck!

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