New Education Fund in Mgeta

A goat can change a life. It provides milk and manure and thus enhances the nutrition and livelihood. For some it even provides money for school fees. As important, the Orphan Education Foundation offers a community for co-operative learning and friendship. Many of the young students in the foundation puts in remarkable efforts in teaching school children, helping to build goat-sheds in the schools in the area, teaching farmers in their communities, inspiring young and old, besides keeping their own goats and land. In addition some of the orphans manage to pass Form 4 at Secondary School. As hard as they work, getting enough money for education exceeding form 4 is almost impossible. The first four students are now attending their second and last year at Kibaha, a vocational college close to Dar-es-Salaam, thanks to donor-money. How they use their newly achieved skills and knowledge in their community is exemplary and expands the body of agricultural knowledge in the area. Therefore, we want to set up a fund, so that more young people from Mgeta can get education beyond form 4.

Two years of vocational training for one student costs 1250 USD or 10.000 NOK. This includes school-fee, boarding, books, food, 4 return bus tickets Mgeta-Kibaha, and little necessities such as soap. All contributions are welcome!Prisca

Bosco Kibaha education centre Measuring in sewing  Sewing room

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